The People V. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story (2016) ★★★★☆


★★★★☆ Highly Recommended!


One of the best TV miniseries to come along in a while! Even though we all know how it ends and despite being one of the most heavily documented and high profile trials of our time, ‘The People V. O.J. Simpson is solid entertainment with excellent performances across the board, especially Sara Paulson who just gets better and better with each new character she effortlessly embodies.

Regarding the plot, It’s hard not to get it right when your show is based on one of the best examples of the classic adage, ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. Race, sex, justice, and violence are all present in Shakespearean proportions and this makes for a compelling piece of entertainment.

Some of the details of the case are questionable but that’s to be expected whenever a narrative is subject to the personal biases of the creators and has to meet an entertainment criteria.  Regardless, in viewing the show, we are offered new structural reframing of the case, notwithstanding the unwavering resolve of a man, who to this day maintains his innocence.


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