Californication – Season 1 (2007) (TV) ★★★★☆


★★★★☆ Highly Recommended!

An unapologetic dark comedy of a New York writer living a hedonistic Los Angeles lifestyle of meaningless sex and substance abuse having sold his work and soul to the machine that is Hollywood.

The most entertaining aspects of the show are its charismatic and cynical main character Hank Moody, the witty dialogue, hilarious and at times repulsive scenarios that the characters seem to get themselves into. But coursing through the show is an undeniable undercurrent of warmth as Hank watches his life tragically unravel. There are a number of tender moments between Hank and those closest to him, namely his daughter Becca.

‘Californication’ is definitely not for the prudish, but if you pay no heed to the gratuitous nature of the show, you will be rewarded with some excellent writing and substantial performances.




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