Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2011) ★★★☆☆


★★★☆☆ Worth a Watch!

An inspiring account of how two men on the brink of irreversibly destroying their health, clean up their diet and change their lives. Juicers are currently all the rage and the film threatens to implode into one giant infomercial, but I would be remiss if I were to say this documentary doesn’t provide a compelling argument nor a beneficial message.

The men embark on a 60-day juice diet and the dramatic on-screen physical transformations are considerable.  A number of doctors and nutritionists help to provide the facts, statistics, medical background and benefits of a juice fast to reboot the body. They also serve in denouncing our addictions to debilitating diets of excessive meat and processed foods. But what is perhaps the most notable is the emotional and mental transformations that follow as the men heal and are taken off the medications that previously treated their chronic conditions.

As a public service announcement, the filmmakers can do no wrong, but as a documentary, it isn’t as investigative of the economic factors that influence our diets nor as well structured as I would have hoped.



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