Californication – Season 2 (2008) (TV) ★★★☆☆


★★★☆☆ –  Worth a Watch!

Season 2 takes a darker turn with sub plots of death and addiction.

There are still a number of comedic moments, but not nearly as strong as the first season. Lew Ashby is a fine addition to the cast of characters, in fact, he just might be one of the most interesting characters on the show thus far.

The familial condition of Moody’s world is really what keeps this show resonating with some emotional depth but the most maddening problem with the second season is the lack of satirical dark comedy which made the first season such a blast. In its place are predictable, nudity infused little stories of Hank Moody being the man slut that he is, which is not nearly as satisfying and at times, just downright implausible.

The show sadly seems to be taking a turn towards glorifying some of the more sordid traits of the unfiltered male condition and I’m also fairly certain, ruffle some feminist feathers in the process.



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