Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (2003) (VG) ★★★★☆


★★★★☆  – Highly Recommended!

You have just inherited a farm in Mineral Town. Grow crops, raise animals, marry the woman of your dreams and start a family.

Platforms: Gameboy Advance
Playtime: 20-30 hours
Genre: Farm Simulation RPG

The Harvest Moon series has always been notorious for stealing hours upon hours of your gaming time. This GBA exclusive is no exception. In fact, it just might among the best of the many iterations.

A complete stroke of genius to combine traditional jRPG elements with farming simulation gameplay.   Raising your livestock, planting and harvesting your crops is a delicate balance of the right tools,  weather conditions, and agricultural care. Failure to consistently tend to your farm and its many creatures will result in poor productivity and a low-profit margin. The developers don’t stop there. They have also successfully implemented a dating, cooking and monthly festival component which adds to the playtime if you choose to indulge.

Ultimately, ‘Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town’ is a deep, highly addictive and rewarding experience. Just make sure you set aside plenty of hours for this title.






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