I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (2016) ★★★☆☆


★★★☆☆  – Worth a watch!

A  documentary about Steve Aoki, one of the most eminent DJs working today. 

Runtime: 1h 19min
Genre: Documentary

Worth a watch or possibly even highly recommended for Aoki fans. For the rest of us, it’s really not that interesting unless you have at least a mild interest in the world of electronic music. The story does have its moments from time to time and serves as a mini biography for both Aoki and the massive influence that is his father, Rocky Aoki, who also happens to be the founder of Benihana.

Steve’s work ethic is admirable as he plays show after show, ravenously progressing his career, mimicking his father’s priorities of career first, health second and family last. Although I personally don’t see the point, and completely disagree with the order of his priorities, I suppose this could resonate with other people who might have similar world views. Here’s to hoping that Steve, wisens up, slows down and that his fanatic mimicry of his father doesn’t lead him to an early grave.


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