Crossed: Volume 1 (2010) (CB/GN) ★★★★☆


★★★★☆  – Highly Recommended!

The world’s been overrun by sadistic homicidal maniacs. A small band of survivors traverses what’s left of America, in constant danger and trying to hold onto what little humanity they can.

Pages: 240
Genre: Post-apocalyptic Horror

What an awesome premise! What an absolutely disgusting book! But this is a massive compliment. Garth Ennis is, after all, the master of the grotesque. ‘Crossed’ uses the post apocalyptic formula but propels it to the heights of depravity. I feel the best way to describe this book is ‘The Walking Dead’ meets ‘Preacher’. But don’t expect the in-depth characterizations of the later. In fact, most of the characters of ‘Crossed’ feel a little too underdeveloped. I can only imagine the emotional scarring if we actually cared about the characters. Be warned, the violence does tend to get a little redundant and predictable through the course of the book though.

The ultimate triumph? The crossed are infinitely more terrifying than zombies! I kid you not! A  little more restraint with the graphic content, more character development and this just might have been a monumental trade paperback. Just be prepared to hose your brain down with bleach after you finish reading.


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