Crossed: Family Values – Volume 2 (2011) (CB/GN) ★★★★☆


★★★★☆  – Highly Recommended!

A religious family attempt to escape the Crossed hordes.

Pages: 176
Genre: Post-apocalyptic Horror

If you thought the first volume was depraved, this one is significantly more shocking and grotesque. Similar problems that hindered the first volume are apparent here as well. Too many characters that are confusingly interchangeable, but then again, we’re here for the brutality and there’s bucketloads of that. The plot is a lot more cohesive as a whole in comparison to the first as well, which is a bonus.

I personally feel guilty about giving such a high rating based on the content, but that’s the whole point and the creators do not shy from their task. The story is designed to make you sick to your stomach and resonate in your memory as one of the most twisted comics you’ll probably ever read.

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