Pet Semetary (1989) (Blu-ray Premium Collection #43) ★★★☆☆


Film Grade: ★★★☆☆ (Worth a Watch!)

Behind a young family’s home in Maine is a terrible secret that holds the power of life after death. When tragedy strikes, the threat of that power soon becomes undeniable. – IMDB

Director: Mary Lambert
Runtime: 1hr 43min
Genre: Horror


The competency of a Stephen King novel, besides the macabre, emanates from the depth of  the characterization and attention to detail, the bulk of which can’t be translated due to the time constraints of the cinematic medium. As a result, the film has a distinct pulpy flavor which isn’t as palpable in the novel. The bulk of the performances doesn’t help either.

That being said, there are segments of the film that are truly inspired, from the eerie  Maine setting, featuring the titular pet cemetery, ancient Indian burial grounds, to some creative and gruesome effects work. Some still consider this to be among the finest of Stephen King adaptations and the novel’s most unsettling imagery is realized in loving and almost tasteless detail for which I’m truly grateful.


Bonus Features
Includes Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Copy

Audio Commentary with Director Mary Lambert
Stephen King Territory  (13:09min) – Stephen King talks about his inspiration for the novel while taking a stroll through the locations. Could listen to this guy speak for hours.
The Characters (12:51min) – Covering the casting process and characters.
Filming the Horror (10:26min) – A standard making-of featurette, but not a lot of behind the scenes footage


Reasons to Horde up:

  • Great gore effects.
  • If you dig Stephen King, this is among the better adaptations.
  • Great 80s gothic Maine setting.
  • Best release of the film to date.

Reasons to Save your dime:

  • A tad dated and doesnt pack an emotional punch.
  • Some cringy acting with the exception of Fred Gywnne. 
  • Bonus Features are lacking


Pet Sematary - 1989





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