Night of the Living Dead (1968) ★★★★☆


★★★★☆  – Highly Recommended!

The first in Romero’s ‘Living Dead’ series and the ultimate independent B movie. Unlike the majority of horror classics which seemed to have lost their luster over the years, “Night of the living dead” is still effective.

While modern zombie films rely heavily on advanced effects to deliver their scares, ‘Night of the Living dead’ utilizes its sophisticated storytelling and social satire to maximum effect. Recent projects like “The Walking Dead” have prospered greatly, borrowing its familiar narrative of a group of survivors trapped in a remote location, at odds with each other as well as the undead legions clawing at their barricaded holds.

The film does show its age from time to time. The quality of the makeup effects showcased in unforgiving close-ups and exaggerated takes, reminiscent of the period, are at times jarring. Nonetheless, From its iconic opening to its bitter ending, ‘Night of the Living  Dead’, is unsentimental, persistently brutal and well ahead of its time.



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